PROPA Group Companies consist of 4 subgroups; Propa Holding Co., Propa Construction & Trade Inc. Co, Propa Property Investment Co, Propa Service & Management Co.

This, as well as the ongoing work of the group's organization structure is located within two other companies. First, to be set up in the financial sector to operate in the field of Real Estate Investment Fund Propa Real Estate Asset Management Inc.; The second, which is the Group's marketing, sales and after-sales service which will be established to carry out the projects in an integrated way; Propa Marketing and Sales Services Incorporated.

The foundations of active asset management was founded in 1973 by Harun Reşit Özçiçek. a family-oriented company which is based in Istanbul, PROPA with 43 years of knowledge and experience combined with aesthetics and technology. The core business areas of real estate investment, development, design and construction, construction management, sales, marketing, property management and business; PROPA has completed 26 different projects consisting of, 2,400 residential-office-retail units in different projects, 370,000 m² superstructure and a total of 470,000 m² building construction, including infrastructure of 100,000 m².

PROPA Group companies implemented "privilege and quality" in all the projects throughout the years, based on the principle that expertise with the right mindset, high-quality building materials used and quality craftsmanship have become a high demand construction industry leader with affordable prices and stood out from competitors. By analyzing the technical details of all the projects developed in the right way; giving importance to the architectural concept and design details, the projects have always aimed to improve higher living standards and quality of life.

Recent Works (By Date)

Completed Super & Infrastructure Projects;
Chronologically before 2000;

  • 1973-1976 Ankara Cooperative Site Production, 86 Housing, 9.000 m² of Construction Zone
  • 1976-1978 Aydın Çine Industrial Site Production, 700 Units, 35.000 m² of Construction Zone
  • 1977-1979 Aydın DSİ 21st Zone Headship Hangar and Administration Buildings, 15.000 m² of Construction Zone
  • 1983-1985 Ankara Ministry of Public Works Building, 10.000 m² of Construction Zone
  • 1988-1991 Ayvalık Construction of Residential Complex, 157 Housing, 20.000 m² of Construction Zone
  • 1990-1993 Ayvalık a 5-star 400-bed Touristic Facilities Construction, 14.000 m² of Construction Zone
  • 1995-1996 Ankara G.O.P Residential Buildings Construction, 10 Housing, 2.500 m² of Construction Zone
  • 1995-1996 Ankara Çankaya AVM Shopping Mall Construction, 150 Stores, 24.000 m² of Construction Zone
  • 1995-1997 Ankara Park Villas, 28 Independent Units, 30.000 m² of Construction Zone
  • 1973-2000, 9 different projects in 27 years, 281 Housing, 2 Administration Building Complexes, 1 Touristic Facility, 160.000 m² of Superstructure Construction Zone

Completed Super & Infrastructure Projects;
Chronologically after 2000;

  • 2000-2004 Bodrum Land Development Project, over 1.5 million m² - 1000 completed infrastructured private villa development, 5 farm houses (1000 m²), Develop social facilities and commercial areas, marketing & sales
  • 2004-2007 Bodrum 5 Seperate Housing Projects (Private Villa in Torba, Royal Residence, Royal Blue, Royal Valley, Royal Resort) total 121 housing, social facilities, infrastructure and parking area, landscaping, 21.000 m² of Construction Zone
  • 2004-2004 Istanbul Ofis 1 Project (Zincirlikuyu), 1 Office Building, 500 m² of Construction Zone
  • 2004-2005 Istanbul 2 Housing Projects (Emirgan Villas, Çatalca Villas) 6 Housing, infrastructure and parking areas, 3.000 m² of Construction Zone
  • 2005-2008 Çorlu Complex inc. Çorlu Park, 10 Blocks, 560 Housing, social facilities, hotel, shopping mall, parking areas and landscaping, 75.000 m² of Construction Zone
  • 2008-2012 Istanbul 2 Seperate Housing Projects (Sarıyer Park, Aura Residence in Kartal), 221 Housing & Villas, social facilities, infrastructure and parking areas, landscaping, 75.000 m² of Construction Zone
  • 2011-2012 Istanbul 1 Housing Project (Ulus Konutları) 10 Housing, 2.500 m² of Construction Zone
  • 2011-2014 Istanbul 2 Office Projects (Propa Ofis & Propa Plaza) 44 Offices, social facilities, infrastructure and parking areas, landscaping, 20.000 m² of Construction Zone

Ongoing Projects

  • 2015-2016 Istanbul 1 Housing Project (Propa Plus Residences) 38 Units, social facilities, infrastructure and parking areas, landscaping, 7.200 m² of Construction Zone
  • 2015-2017 Istanbul 1 Housing + Commercial Project (Propa Plus Kartal) 250 Housing, 10 Retail Units, social facilities, infrastructure and parking areas, landscaping, 45.000 m² of Construction Zone
  • 2000-2015, 17 different projects in 15 years, 1213 Housing, 45 Offices, 10 Retail Units, 210.000 m² superstructure construction, 100.000 m² infrastructure construction

    1973-2015 26 seperate projects in 43 years, 1494 Housing, 45 Offices, 860 Retail, 1 Touristic Facility, 2 Administration Building Complexes, 370.000 m² superstructure construction, 100.000 m² infrastructure construction in total of 470.000 m² Construction Zone completed.

Main Departments in the Company Structure (Groups / Departments):

  • Business Development & Legal Affairs,
  • Project & Design,
  • Construction,
  • Marketing,
  • Sales,
  • Leasing,
  • After Sales Service (Customer Satisfaction)
  • Facility Management,
  • Mergers,
  • Finance and Accounting,
  • Financial Planning & Budget,
  • Risk Management
  • Investor Relations
  • Law,
  • Administrative Affairs,
  • Internal Auditing,
  • Human resources,
  • Information Technologies

Corporate Management


Since 1973, Propa Real Estate Investment Construction and Trade Inc. operates in the construction and real estate sector since the group was founded by Propa Group in 2002 to carry out the investment and management activities in all the real estate segment; Propa Construction and Trade Inc. was founded in 2009 to establish and carry out real estate development and construction activities.

Propa focuses on commercial real estate investments, creates steady income as a business center and the strategic housing developments as well as the retail sector units (stores, shops, etc) and offices etc.

Propa, manages as a real estate development and investment company at which focuses on brand and quality residential sites and the commercial real estate in the sector. The Company directly and / or through its subsidiaries or affiliates operate in Turkey, develops real estate projects, including residential and office project sites and / or such projects / properties is investing. Propa adopts an integrated business model, casing land of real estate development and the acquisition, development, acquisition of permits and licenses, project design, financing, construction, construction management, sales, marketing, after-sales service and facilities management, including all stages directly and the company strategies as the main role in the oversight of these stages. In addition, after the completion of project leasing and management (mix of tenants that aims to improve the performance and value of the property in the long term and lease management, such as the restructuring of the lease to cover the asset management activities) Propa manages through subsidiaries serving it.

Considering the total number of real estate and BKA (Gross Leasable Area) in terms of Turkey's largest city, Istanbul, Propa is one of the real estate development and investment company that is growing. The company mainly focuses on Class A office buildings and retail units, office, mixed-focused projects with different purposes, such as residential real estate units. The company's rental income that is already in the existing portfolio and position in Istanbul MIA (Central Business District) built Class A office buildings or land are under development. The company has strong demographic features and offering the city's economic growth in the long term and focuses on a strong transportation infrastructure in the city locations.

Board of Directors

Can Özçiçek (Chairman of the Board)
Cem Özçiçek (Board Member)

Nilgün Yördem (Legal Adviser to the Independent Board of Directors, Lawyer)
Hasan Sözüneri (Independent Board of Architectural Design Consultant, Architect)
Mevlüt Demirci (Independent Board Finance Consultant, SMM)

Ümit Güven (Board Assistant)


Construction & Business Development
Yakub Ekşi (Group Director of Business Development and Public Relations)
Ümit Yolozangil (Electrical Manager, Electrical Engineer)
Kamil Aluç (Mechanical Works Manager, Mechanical Engineer)

Financial Management and Finance

Muharrem Uzun (Finance and Accounting Manager)
Şevki Kaynar (Assistant to Director of Finance and Accounting)

Facility Management

Çetin Kanat (Director of Facilities Management)
Erkan Uğurlu (Electrical Engineer)
Ümit Demirtaş (Mechanical Manager)
Basric Camgöz (Construction Specialist)

Management Stages in Establishing criteria favored units, sub-units; It was determined to be inherited together. There is a lean organizational structure. 3 to 4 stages is not over passed in the number of titles; All departments have been configured to work with each other, integrated and flexible. Workflow and reporting the most effective, a structure has been established to allow creating a quick and efficient way.


Human Resources Policy: Propa is set to respect people and senior employees with the human value principle that will allow business performance to reveal, and aims to employ of the preferred and admired brand by providing a work environment where they can develop skills themselves as well.

Remuneration Policy: Wages and benefits; success and encouraging excellence, rewarding consists of fair and reliable compensation and benefits. Compensation and benefits in determining the competence of Propa employees, their caring role and responsibilities, training and work experience are taken into account.

Dividend Policy: Our company works within the Turkish Commercial Law, Tax Regulations and other legislation relating to the Company makes dividend distribution in accordance with the provisions of the Articles of Association relating to the distribution of profits. In principle, the relevant regulations, investment needs and opportunities in size, and market expectations, corporate strategy, investment policy, taking into account profitability and cash position of the Company's dividend policy is determined.

Our quality policy:
Adopting the quality of our brand culture,
Staying positive in the field of quality, to adopt a policy on quality standards,
Propa brand is set to identify with quality,
Quality documents and specifications to determine the current method,
implement and maintain effective control,
To ensure the appropriate quality continuity technology.

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Through our practices and performance to be a reference as an indicator in the sector.

Our Mission

Providing benefits to having a functional design, innovative and comfortable living areas.

Our Values

  • We strive to add value to life by working hard
  • We believe in contributing to the society we live in
  • We are committed to family values
  • We believe in being a socially functioning company
  • Our Business "One-Stop-Shop" with the service concept; We offer solutions and benefits under the same roof
  • We believe in continuous improvement
  • We continously try an innovative and dynamic approach
  • We are committed to efficiency and sustainability
  • We follow the newest technology closely, and we apply the latest accordingly


Nfinit Games, Ulusoy Holding Eva Air, Sojitz International, 3K Logistics, Paker Mimarlık, KRM Danışmanlık, L&A Mimarlık, Atılım Faktoring ve Eurowag Propa Plaza’daki yerlerini aldılar. Kiralama çalışmaları JLL Türkiye ofisi tarafından yürütülmeye devam ediyor. Eğer ofisinizi yenilemek veya daha büyük bir ofis katına taşınmak istiyorsanız, 200 m² ’den 800 m² ’ye varan A+ofis katı seçenekleri için 0212 347 02 89 nolu telefondan Propa ile irtibata geçebilirsiniz.

Propa Holding AŞ, iştiraklerinden Propa İnşaat ve Ticaret AŞ tarafından yapımı tamamlanan Propa Plaza Zincirlikuyu’daki yeni merkezine taşındı. Merkez ofisi Propa Plaza’nın en üst katı olan 9.katta, panoramik şehir manzaralı 614 m² A+ofis alanını kapsıyor.

Kurumsal Yönetim İlkeleri doğrultusunda yeniden yapılanma sürecini başlatan Propa Holding AŞ, kurum içi yapılanma, yeniden konumlandırma ve iş akışı süreçlerine yönelik alanlarda çalışmalarını sürdürüyor. Şirket, gelişen rekabet ortamında etkin ve verimli müşteri yönetimini yaparak gelirlerini arttırmayı, müşterileri ile olan ilişkilerini yönetmeyi, şirketin kurumsal hafızasını oluşturmayı ve müşterilerine verdikleri hizmetin kalitesini arttırmayı hedeflemiştir.

Propa, kurulduğu yıl olan 1973’ten bugüne gerçekleştirdiği projeler içerisinde kendi bünyesinde tuttuğu ve diğer gayrimenkul yatırımları neticesinde oluşturduğu gayrimenkul portföyünü, kuracağı Gayrimenkul Portföy Yönetim Şirketi bünyesinde yapılandırarak Gayrimenkul Yatırım Fonu kurma çalışmalarına başladı. Propa Gayrimenkul Portföy Yönetim AŞ ünvanı ile, T.C.Başbakanlık Sermaye Piyasası Kurulu Kurumsal Yatırımcılar Dairesi Başkanlığı’na yapılacak başvuru neticesinde Kurul izin ve onayı alınmasını takiben kuruluş çalışmaları yürütülecek. GYF’nun gayrimenkul portföyü içerisinde düzenli kira geliri elde eden ticari gayrimenkullerin yanısıra geliştirme karı hedefleyen arsalar yer alacak. Propa Yönetimi, Fon’un malvarlıklarının dengeli ve optimum bir portföyden oluşacağını belirtti.

Propa yönetimi, büyümenin getirdiği avantajlarla proje ve müşteri sayıları artarken, müşterileri ve paydaşları ile olan ilişkilerini yönetmek, şirketin kurumsal hafızasını oluşturmak ve müşterilerine verdikleri hizmetlerin kalitesini arttırmak amacıyla yeni bir arayışın içine girdiler. Bu aşamada çözüm olarak CRM uygulamasının, müşteri adayı takibi, müşteri takibi, aktivite takibi, satış ve satış sonrası hizmetler, kampanya yönetimini incelediler ve kendileri için uygun en uygun çözüm olduğuna karar verdiler. Propa, CRM çözümünü seçerek Satış ve Pazarlama departmanı olarak hem merkez ofislerinde hemde şantiyelerinde tüm satış süreçlerini, müşteri adayından proje, etap, daire bazında satış fırsatlarının takibini, ön satış ve kesin satış aşamalarını ve bu aşmalardaki sözleşme ve senet dökümlerinin yapılmasını sistem üzerinden gerçekleştirebilmekteler. Propa Satış Sonrası Hizmetler Birimi CRM uygulamasında, konut satış sözleşmesi yapılmasından itibaren inşaat sürecinde ve teslimat sırasında olduğu gibi teslim sonrasında da müşterilerin tüm talep ve önerilerini değerlendirmektedir. Mutlak Müşteri Memnuniyetinin sağlanması için bu süreçte Müşteri, Merkez, Şantiye arasında bir köprü oluşturan Satış Sonrası Hizmetler Birimi Müşteri tercihleri ile belirlenen dekorasyon seçimlerinin tüm imalatlarının doğru ve hızlı bir şekilde yerine getirilmesini, şikayet, onarım talepleri ve isteklerin takibini sağlamaktadır.

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Information Society Services

Türü : Anonim Şirketi
Type: Corporation
Mersis No: 0733036332200013
Trade Registry Office: Istanbul Trade Registry Office
Trade Registration Number: 00694350
Trade Name: Propa İnşaat ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi
Address: Kore Şehitleri Caddesi Propa Plaza No:4 Zincirlikuyu Şişli/İstanbul
Phone: 0 (212) 347 02 89
Fax: 0 (212) 347 03 41
Intenet Address:
Establishment Registration date: March 19, 2009
Paid-in Capital: 25,000,000 TL
Chairman: Harun Reşit Özçiçek
Vice Chairman: Can Reşit Özçiçek
Tax Office: Zincirlikuyu
Tax Number: 733-036-3322

1. How much time the project is finished within?

Although the latest 24-month construction period and completion of our projects are set out in its own contract delivery date of each project. We will pass through the mail and mail the written announcement delivered to our office to have reached 15 days before the date of our project delivery.

2. Is it possible to make custom payment plans?

Our flexible payment plans for our sales representatives will create a convenient payment plan to your payment terms.

3. Is your project in accordance with the bank loan?

All projects are suitable for the PROPA bank loans. Under the agreements we have made with various banks, credit with Propa can use special credit terms and lower interest rates.

4. Upon completion and handover of my apartment, can I sell my apartment immediately?

After your title deed and independent land can be delivered, you are free to sell to third parties. If you wish to authorized resale and rental management company, you can also give the authority to determine and work with Propa Sales and Leasing Management.

5. Do your projects comply with earthquake regulations?

All our structures are made in accordance with earthquake regulations, you can see all the relevant documents to our sales office. Concrete and reinforcement are tested by independent experts in laboratory samples and reported. Static project prepared by our independent Bureaux is required technical and science in the field prior to the start of construction and regulations mandated all geotechnical surveys, soil surveys and drilling tests are carried out. Until construction is completed audit company structure and safety experts are subjected to independent auditing organizations.

6. Can I pay the entire amount of the deposit paid in equal installments of independent parts?

Advance payment of 25% of the cost of credit use is legally required independent sections. Our sales representative in our sales office will inform you deposit the payment terms, except in more detail. Our sales in non-credit payment plan will create a flexible payment plan to your payment terms.

7. Can I see and tour my apartment if the construction is not completed yet?

Unfortunately, until the completion of your apartment, a tour or a visit can be dangerous because of the construction site.

8. What should I do after I decided to Buy?

Once you have decided to buy you need to sign a notarized contract within three days of your independent department. What you need to bring when coming to the notary public contracts are as follows: 3 passport photo identity card photocopy (T.C Turkish Citizenship Number written) half and notary fees amount proxy in the contracts mandate of signature of sales made on the Company's stamp duty, company seal and tax certificate

9. How much do I pay in V.A.T ?

V.A.T (KDV rate) in the existing sales and the ongoing construction Proper housing and home-office project is 1%. In Office Project KDV rate is 18%. KDV rate, depending on location and concept of the project is determined according to the new projects are required by law to KDV rate of land price determined by the municipality m² and can vary between 1% and 18%.

10. When do you finalize the bill of sales for the house?

Within the framework of the Convention by the payment plan can cut your bill after all payments are completed. With the delivery of your apartment, in bank credit sales invoice in accordance with its tax books is completed.

11. Can I have the sales bills on behalf of the company?

Invoices are cut in the name of the person who made the contract. If your contract if your bills are cut in the name of the company on behalf of the company; If the invoice is issued on behalf of individuals on behalf of individuals.

12. Who makes the application for a bank loan?

You can submit your application from the bank, when we have a deal for you, our sales representatives will guide you.

13. Am I required to make other payments excluding the apartment sales?

Only the recipient share falling land delivery stage, you will pay the settlement and subscription costs.

14. When do you hand over the Title Deed?

Bank credit transfer of title following the completion of all payments for the delivery of independent sales department and sales department are carried out independently. Documents and land costs are required to be paid before the deed to complete the process.

15. Can I just pay the estate tax? Who makes the declaration?

It is exempted the year in which first appeared in the title to the property tax. The first year after delivery of the property declaration is given by Propa. Your other payments related to municipal property taxes related to the expiry of the first year you are doing.

16. What happens if I don’t take possession of the apartment at the date of delivery?

Timely delivery is not taken, you considered to have taken delivery within 15 days after delivery of the letter of invitation sent. Failure to follow the call to surrender within this period are deemed to have fulfilled its obligation to deliver Propa.

17. How to pay the monthly fees?

You pay your fees to your site management on the date the message received, you can also receive the site management’s account number.

18. Is there a Site Management Plan? Who will manage the site?

All our projects are site management ready, Ownership Act in accordance with the Site Management Plan, which is subject managed by a professional management company.

19. Who does the maintenance of common areas?

Site management of all buildings and the cleaning of the common areas, serves to fulfill the needs and care. Pricing is required as part of your subscription site.


Propa Construction has adopted customer satisfaction and safety-oriented operating principles as principles of which personal information submitted to our website by our visitors (your name, e-mail address, business and private addresses, and phone numbers) except the customers' approval in order to protect the privacy or which is under a legal obligation any third party unless any rental and sales process with this information will be shared with organizations and institutions will not perform as well.

In case you do not want your personal information to be collected when you visit our website Propa Construction (, the information you provide is described clearly on the site in a disclaimer.

Propa can work with third party e-mail submissions and service providers and send out information accordingly. In this case the security of personal information sent out is determined under the security policy of the third party service provider.

The essence of collecting personal information; Propa working with external sites using the website or in-ads or on a voluntary basis through the entry forms with personal information; meaning the acceptance of the present privacy policy on the website. Depending on the request by the visitors completed applications, information, filling out a questionnaire, apartment sales reservation or request to be sent to the e-newsletter with personal information can be collected.

If this information is not given as an option by visitors otherwise no personal information is collected. The purpose of gathering information; On the permission of the visitors, e-newsletters, magazines, brochures and information on the campaign / to send out news and campaigns. Propa then except e-mail and SMS messages with the flow of information, requests, demands and complaints are aimed at evaluation.

Propa works hard to protect the privacy of visitors. This privacy policy, only if it is used with all data, required by court order or legal procedures during legal proceedings and for the purposes specified under the law. The types of information and how data is collected on the website are explained and are protected is clearly outlined.

Our website only service applications and update the information from data entries. Information contained on our website and copyrights on their arrangement, is owned by Propa Construction Co.

Propa Construction Co., in the case of working with third party and different organizations to get support services, will enable these organizations to comply with privacy policies of which Propa Construction Co. standards and requirements apply.


Propa Construction Co. maintains the most reliable level of necessary precautions and security to protect the privacy of our customers' systems and internet infrastructure. Please contact us at in case you need to receive additional information.





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Plus Residences,
Zincirlikuyu - İSTANBUL

Plus Residences provide a structure that allows 38 individual units to be easily adapted from offices to apartments, suitable also for home use comfortably. With specially designed floor plans and designed offices, Plus Residences proudly present a unique opportunity for the ultimate luxury, comfort and safety of your well being, opening up the door to the world for you.