Corlu Park Project; getting a step closer every day to Istanbul has grown rapidly in the industrial and manufacturing sectors, growing in parallel with a fast and skilled migration and developing in Corlu with its different sized and featured 560 housing units, of which the project is planned to include the largest shopping and lifestyle center in Corlu with a shopping center and global brands and consists of a city hotel.

Landscaping was completed even at the 1st stage of housing, with a total of 28,600 m² area offer a peaceful life with the opportunity to grow in all of the areas, there is a relationship between nature and the natural in Corlu Park.

Within the masterplan the existing landscape features were, as far as possible, preserved or manipulated to achieve a strikingly well-ordered site layout in a beautiful and peaceful environment. Living in a safe and comfortable home, Corlu Park responded to all your requirements to a contemporary living spaces.

Natural light is used as a unifying natural element; varying in color, movement and illumination throughout the units in Corlu Park.

Sales and handover have been completed in 2008.



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Plus Residences,
Zincirlikuyu - İSTANBUL

Plus Residences provide a structure that allows 38 individual units to be easily adapted from offices to apartments, suitable also for home use comfortably. With specially designed floor plans and designed offices, Plus Residences proudly present a unique opportunity for the ultimate luxury, comfort and safety of your well being, opening up the door to the world for you.